RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a video Bible study library that we have invested for each person at the church. From kids devotions to studies on specific topics, there is a study for you.


YouTube Channel

Check out our church YouTube channel with encouraging studies and stories of life change!


Parent Cue App

At the Springs, we are all about helping parents win with their kids! We want to provide you with some of the best tools out there for leading your family in their relationship with Jesus.


The Bible App

YouVersion is a valuable source for spending more time in God’s word. Choose from more than 1,200 Bible versions in over 900 languages on your computer, phone, or tablet -- with many available as audio Bibles.


Daily Devotions

There is no better way to grow in your relationship with Christ than spending time with Him everyday. These devotions are short, but are a great way to track along with this series throughout the week and gives you an opportunity to spend time with God each day.