Self-centered or God-centered Living

Have you ever felt slighted or a bit overlooked? Maybe you were passed over for a job promotion, not invited to a meeting, or left out of a get-together with friends? Since we live in a social media-blast culture of updates and people’s best-case scenarios, it’s easy to get caught up in what you’re NOT doing. 

There’s a guarantee that you never have to feel that way again – it’s called God-centered living. In the study, Experiencing God, the author points out the differences in self-centered living and God-centered living. When we live a self-centered life, we are totally about ourselves – we receive affirmation from self, depend on our own abilities, and look at our circumstances from a purely human perspective. 

However, when our focus is on God, then our confidence, our circumstances and lifestyle reflect Him and His purpose for our lives. In fact, to live focused on self is a distortion to God’s plan, which is why the more self-centered we are, the more unsettling it feels. 

It’s not about what we want to do; it’s about what God wants to do through us. If you look at people like Abraham and Noah, they lived God-centered lives. They didn’t tell God what they dreamed of doing for Him – they lived God-centered lives and then obeyed when God told them what He was about to do. After all, the book of Genesis is not a record about Abraham or Noah’s walk with God; it’s a record of God accomplishing His purposes through them.

The successful pattern shown through people’s lives in Scripture is to submit ourselves to God, center our lives around Him, and then wait for Him to show us what He’s about to do through us. 

“The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.” 2 Chronicles 16:9

Today, pray that God will help you focus on God-centered living.